Why Us?

Our law firm is different.

First, we know who we are. Some firms handle every type of case. We do not. We focus on business litigation, criminal defense and immigration. We do not accept, for example, matters involving real estate transactions or estate planning. By staying focused on our core practice areas, we endeavor to provide the best possible representation when a client’s liberty, business enterprise or professional future is on the line.

Second, we believe that technology and the availability of qualified contract attorneys enable a small, focused boutique firm to handle many matters that would formerly have required a much larger firm. For example, we offer every client a dedicated, secure extranet, thereby enabling safe and quick access to key documents from any computer in the world. We deploy resources innovatively and effectively, particularly because the days of numerous attorneys reviewing documents for months on end are over.

Third, we offer clients options regarding legal fees. Some clients prefer the predictability and certainty of a flat fee. Other clients prefer to engage the firm on an hourly basis. On occasion, we blend flat fees, hourly fees and other options. The point is, we know the world of legal services has changed and, therefore, the manner in which we are retained must evolve.