Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

The firm’s civil litigation practice focuses on representing clients in complex business litigation. We regularly represent businesses as well as individuals in such matters. Civil litigation has a reputation for being protracted and costly. We combat those characteristics at every turn. We understand that a quick resolution is sometimes in the client’s best interest, even if it requires concessions. On the other hand, we can and do zealously litigate matters if that approach makes sense from a cost and strategic perspective.

Criminal Defense

Whether our client is a corporation under grand jury investigation or an individual facing a decidedly non “white-collar” charge, we begin every case with a focused commitment to protecting our client. Indeed, the term “white-collar crime” is useful in some settings, but individuals and corporations facing criminal investigation and prosecution rarely find solace in such terms. We approach criminal matters as criminal matters because that’s what prosecutors do. When an aggressive defense is needed, we supply it. When a nuanced approach is warranted, we employ it.


Our firm handles all forms of immigration relief. Despite the uncertain and difficult political climate, we continue to successfully represent individuals in immigration court proceedings including, but not limited to, bond hearings, asylum cases, Form I-751 denials and appeals to the Board of Immigration Appeals. We also handle family- and employment-based visas such as applications to obtain lawful permanent resident status (i.e., a green card) through marriage or employment sponsorship, together with fiancé (K1) visas. We have successfully represented clients with all forms of temporary employment visas, including H1-B, E-3, L1A and TN visas. Additionally, we represent clients seeking U.S. Citizenship. We frequently help individuals and corporations resolve waiver applications and many unique administrative situations that require special, thoughtful attention.

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